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Kate Hickok Media Productions


Kate Hickok Feldman is an award-winning media professional and creative communicator with over 40 years of experience in TV, video, & digital media project management; advertising/corporate communications, special events, film festivals, and media education.


Originally from New York, Kate went to Canada in 1977 to develop and produce sit-coms for CBC-TV. From 1983-1986, she was Creative Director of Corporate Concepts, supervising productions in film, video, print, and multi-image.


She launched Kate Hickok Media Productions in 1986, specializing in the production of programs for broadcast, training & educational media resources and sponsored video projects, including related print and digital collateral. Kate is also a photographer and visual artist.

Kate Hickok Media Productions

RemarkableArts LLC

RemarkableArts is a product development company that creates branded, immersive experiences, games, artistic gadgets, and other STEAM oriented projects in-house. They also consult with inventors, game designers, and other clients who are developing similar experiences or products. 


Their consulting services include: project requirements definition, project plan development, iterative processes for client product development, prototyping, play-testing, critical thinking, and more.


Industries with whom they consult include: firmware engineering for a wide variety of scientific, industrial and internet-of-things products; games (immersive, tabletop, LARP, gamification for company training and development); interactive retail, and entertainment spaces.

RemarkableArts LLC
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