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Accent Yourself


Accent Yourself features simply classic handcrafted sterling silver jewelry, designed and crafted by Barbara.

Accent Yourself

Carver's Crafting


Carver’s Crafting features hand stamped metal rings, necklaces, other jewelry, and more. An abundance of the jewelry are customizable!

Carvers Crafting
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Emma Otherwise Designs


Emma loves to make unique designs based on nature. She especially loves to do birds, patterns, or art-driven designs.

Emma Otherwise Designs

Northwest Goods

Chaum, owner of Northwest Goods, is the second generation of a small family business that has been making jewelry and ornaments in Corvallis.


Each and every piece is hand crafted, with the goal of creating attractive, unique, sturdy, and functional jewelry at an affordable price.

Northwest Goods
IMG_0027 - Pam Thompson.jpeg

Pam Pniak Jewelry


Pam hopes for her work to reflect a beauty and delicate strength that can be found in combining the natural and the person-made world. Her inspiration comes from discovering amazing patterns and textures in nature, urban settings and industrial landscapes, and repeating them in her collages and jewelry.

Pam's jewelry is also inspired by historical metalworking techniques and designs as well as many individual parts working together to express something bigger and more powerful. When she is not making art, Pam is teaching art in her studio. Her young students inspire her to break rules by witnessing the amazing art they create with their untainted young minds.

Pam Pniak Jewelry

Plant Posse


Plant Posse is a posse of plant-powered people producing jewelry and art promoting plant pride! All products are vegan and artistically celebrate plants, produce, and fungi.

With 6+ years in business, 6 of their staff have worked at the same local food co-op over the years, where they have pulled a lot of inspiration working around bountiful, local produce--with some also working as farmers.

Plant Posse believes the community needs more conscientious gift-giving and consumerism. To that end, they strive to offer affordable, vegan, eco-friendly products for all. Aside from their partnerships with 1% For The Planet and EcoHealth Alliance, they donate products and money to alternating animal sanctuaries and human rights organizations.

Plant Posse

Spendlove Crafts


Spendlove Crafts features wire wrapped and woven jewelry and art, all created by hand by artist Cari Spendlove.

Spendlove Crafts

Terra Viva by

Anna Russell


Terra Viva features unique artistic handmade silversmith Jewelry, ceramics and abstract paintings, all crafted and created by Corvallis artist Anna Russell.

Terra Viva
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