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Healthy Food

Artisan Eats

While we would also love to feature all of the amazing local restaurants in and around Corvallis, Visit Corvallis already has quite the extensive directory. If you are looking for local restaurants, check out the Visit Corvallis restaurant directory by clicking below:


Elysium Treats



Luca (they/she) has been a professional baker and ice cream maker since 2010. They have thrived in management positions across a range of settings including bread bakeries, artisanal treat bakeries, and in large-scale production baking.


Luca has worked in gluten-free and vegan kitchens, and has been a practicing vegan since 2014.

Luca is excited to bring together their years of experience in Elysium, where they can make unique new creations with sustainable, minimal-waste techniques. Plant-based food is full of joy, and they can’t wait to share that with you.

Elysium Treats

Hailey Kimchi




Hailey Kimchi is a flavor-obsessed food scientist and nutritionist who builds community through her creative, hyperlocal ferments and pastries --- which you can find at her pop ups, fundraising bake sales, and market stands.


She is also a recent graduate from OSU, member of the Wild Yeast Bakery crew, and passionate cheerleader of local farmers and artisans. Originally from coastal China, and brought up in Bay Area kitchens, Hailey cooks to explore the common grounds between cultures and opportunities to drive social change. 

Hailey Kimchi
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Let's Be Sweet



Let's Be Sweet Bakery features innovative desserts that are vegan and gluten-free, lovingly created by Corvallis native Dana Pham.


These special artisan baked goods can be found at different pop up locations as well as the Corvallis Southtown Farm Stand and Market, open on Tuesdays from 5-7pm during the months of May and October, located at 1465 SE Alexander Ave in Corvallis.

Mamaloubakeshop1 (1).jpg

Mamalou Bakeshop


Mamalou Bakeshop is a super duper small batch bakery that ships nationwide. Lauren, the creator of the shop's fresh baked-to-order cookies, makes and eats cookies just about every day. She is excited to share that love and deliciousness with others and their loved ones. 


Wherever they are, send your friends and family a little bite of Corvallis by placing your order this holiday season!


Small Things Bakery

As a long time vegan, Cady knows how difficult it can be to find delicious vegan food -- most importantly, desserts. That's why she decided to take matters into her own hands and craft treats that are not only cruelty-free but taste just as delicious as the ""real thing"".

Everything is made in her small kitchen, completely from scratch and from the heart.


All products of Small Things Bakery are free of dairy, eggs, honey, and refined sugars. Cady is also able to make a limited variety of gluten-free treats as well.

Small Things

Whimsy Supper Club, LLC


Aiming to create whimsical experiences featuring local ingredients from Oregon farmers, artisans, and suppliers, chef Talus makes each meal with love.

She enjoys creating fantastical worlds, stories, and activities to transport guests to another world where they are free to be, relax, and enjoy the company of those around them.


Talus loves playing and working with flavor, her color palette for her suppers and tea parties. Whimsy Supper Club is a culmination of all her loves: creativity, food and whimsy.

Whimsy Supper Club

Whole Flower Farms

Whole Flower Farms is a micro-wholesaler of vegan/gluten free snack foods crafted by Valerie Jordan.

Focusing on whole foods and locally grown ingredients, her products can be found at both North and South Co-ops and at Greenhouse Coffee & Plants in downtown Corvallis.


A wide range of edible art is available seasonally at the Southtown Farmer's Market on Tuesdays from May to October.

Whole Flower Farms
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