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Chris is an avid forager, an illustrator, a lover of the woods and fascinated by the archetypal power of Tarot. 

All apparel & art prints are hand printed by Chris in his Corvallis, OR screen printing studio.
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Munothando Designs


Munothando Designs was launched on May 25th, 2023 coinciding with Africa Day. The name "Munothando" has a special meaning to founder Hazel, merging the Zimbabwean middle names of her children - "Muno" from her son's Shona middle name, meaning "loved by God", and "Nothando" from her daughter's Ndebele middle name, meaning "with love".  

The mission of Munothando Designs is to share the warmth and vibrancy of Africa with the world, one stunning outfit at a time. Join them on their journey as they showcase the beauty and diversity of African heritage in every garment they create and they will ensure you make a statement that will not go unnoticed!
Munothando Designs

Sew the Day Away

Maker of one-on-a-kind handmade bags and organizers, Rene shares her love of making things through her Sew the Day Away creations.

She is a hoarder of all things "fiber" and thrives in a world of stitches, never making the same bag out of the same materials.
Sew the Day Away
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