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"She's totally the impetus for the whole business."

Jenn, the owner of Moonrise Metalworks, looks lovingly over at her whippet-pit rescue Sadie, strewn across the couch. Reflecting on her decision to move to a very quiet part of South Corvallis, Jenn recalls that her choice had reflected what she thought would be most beneficial for Sadie, who enjoys being out in the countryside and away from noises.

Jenn had rescued Sadie from Heartland Humane in 2015, and had no information about her past other than that she had been brought up to Corvallis from a shelter in San Diego, and that she absolutely hated a lot of noise and situations with too many strangers. "She gets overstimulated and becomes very reactive," Jenn explains.

What Sadie loves, however, are long, quiet walks surrounded by serene nature: chittering birds and deer munching away in the distance. That very nature is what inspires Jenn's minimalist designs for her pet ID tags. One of her designs, featuring mountains with a river running through them, was the result of a walk she took with Sadie. She wanted to capture the beauty of the Willamette nestled among the mountains.

"All of my designs are inspired by natural landscapes, specifically landscapes that can be found in Oregon." Jenn says that her tags have been well-received, especially by pet owners who appreciate the great outdoors. Sadie will continue being a key member of the team, and was pivotal in testing the design and ruggedness of her tags. "She does it kind of grumpily, but always appreciates the treats afterwards."

All of Jenn's tags are personally designed and made in Corvallis, and each one is milled instead of stamped in order to ensure a long-lasting and more easily-read pet tag. For more information or to purchase personalized pet ID tags or bandanas, visit:

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